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My name is Joel Garcia

I am a CEO, developer, musician, Investor, and soccer player.

since 2014 as creator I have been helping out the community with impactful learning resources.

You might know Joel Garcia from YouTube as EXTREME Trompetista ( Music Educator) , Investments or mainly large projects as a main developer for popular apps and being one of the founding developers/community admin member for various cryptocurrency startups such as Kimchi DAO, Dogefather, Akita Inu, Moon Dollar etc…

Joel Garcia started getting more serious into youtube around 2014 when he made gaming videos then decided to start a new channel and upload instrumental tutorials and covers of songs.

Joel Garcia plays drums, trumpet, saxophone and bass at church. In 2021 Joel Garcia released his first iMessage application on the Apple Appstore called Sioux Falls Stickers. Sioux Falls Stickers was made as practice when I was 18, which included the first emoji flag of Sioux Falls.

Joel Garcia’s latest major company is set to launch soon in 2021